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Temcula Granite Rock Quarries
Lake Elsinore Valley Press
March 27, 1914

Rock Quarries are Shipping This Week

Considerable rock is being shipped to Los Angeles from the quarries near here. Last week several carloads of granite
blocks were shipped to the Pacific Electric Company in Los Angeles. The three rock quarries often employ as many
as twenty-five men. The quarries are owned by Robert and James McGee and Pat Quinn.

Lake Elsinore Valley Press
June 12, 1914

Fine Monuments

F. L. Fernald has a stone cutting business at Temecula, which in years to come will grow into big proportions if the
town develops as rapidly as it should. Mr. Fernald has a first class plant for cutting monuments, and has some of the
finest stone from his quarry in the hills nearby we have ever seen. He also has brought some blue granite from the
canyon, which is superior to anything found in this section for monumental work. Mr. Fernald also has a large
garage business here, and besides runs a store. He is one of the busy men and boosters of the valley.

Local Happenings

Several carloads of cattle were shipped from Temecula this week. Hardly a week passes that a trainload of cattle
does not leave here. A great deal of building stone is also shipped from the quarries near here.

Lake Elsinore Valley Press
July 13, 1914

Rock Quarries Near Town Busy Place

The rock quarries in this section are very busy just now, and several of them have large orders, which they are
rushing out. The quarries near Elsinore have been working a number of men, and paying out considerable money
for labor. The Connolly and Coogan quarries are the largest near town, and slabs are being cut for paving and other
purposes. These quarries ship their product from Elsinore to Riverside, Los Angeles and other points.

Near Temecula there are several quarries, which have been working a large force of men. Contracts have been
signed with the Pacific Electric people of Los Angeles for 400,000 paving blocks to be cut from hard stone. At
present there about twenty Swedes working in Vicieto canyon, turning out three or four thousand blocks a day. For
cutting these blocks the men get $45.00 a thousand. The blocs are hauled by wagon to Temecula and shipped to Los
Angeles. It is said the contractors get $55.00 a thousand for the blocks f. o. b. Temecula. There are two kinds of
paving blocks; the straight and beveled blocks and the quarryman can make much better time on the straights.
Many of them make as high as $5 and $6 a day and only work eight hours, but they have followed the business most
of their lives and it is a hard trade to learn. The quarry in Vicieto canyon is being operated by Joe Winkles of
Temecula, M. Machado, Mr. Toland and others own valuable rock quarries in the Temecula neighborhood.

Lake Elsinore Valley Press
January 29, 1915

Robert Magee's stone quarry has just received an order for six carloads of paving stone; 58,500 blocks have been
shipped to Los Angeles this month.

Jake Kuntz had two fingers severely crushed while hauling stone for the Spanish-American quarry last Friday.

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